them out. If you have more than 10 pieces in one order we can help you get a,★ 英文询盘邮件回复范文,★ 回复客户询盘英文范文,★ 回复客户询盘英文范文


询盘邮件听说过,询盘邮件的英文版你知道怎么写吗?下面是我为你整理的英文询盘邮件回复 范文 ,希望对你有用!



Dear Mr. Amir,

Many thanks for your inquiry dated(of) ____ from .

In order to let us make more correct quotation accordingly, please kindly tellus the e_act model number you prefer after checking our website of .

Besides, to help us offer the best price, please also introduce your companyas many details as you can. Such as your company foundation time, how manyworkers, major product lines, company website and last year's sales turnoverif possible. More details better price.

Waiting for your early reply.

Best Regards



Dear Mr. Naresh,

So glad receiving your enquiry for our Barbies' collection from dated ___.Thanks a lot.

We are a leading manufacturer in children’s wear in China and our productshave been e_ported to customers all over the world such as ____ . The BarbiesCollection is the most popular style in our factory, selling fast.

However, detailed price list for the skirts and long pants will be sent to youbased on your specific further product description such as color,specification, special design requirement etc. Please check the followingstyles photo which should be suitable for your Indian market and tell us morerequirements on the e_act skirts and long pants.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any question and we are waiting foryour reply.

Best regards,



Dear Mr. Muller:

Thank you for the letter of (date) enquiring price for our boy‘s t-shirt.

To close our deal a.s.a.p, we offer you firm C&F Limassol USD ___/pc. Paymentby irrevocable L/C to reach us one month before the time of shipment. Thisoffer is subject to your reply reaching us before (date). Please refer to theattached files for packing and product specification info.

We allow a discount of 5% if your order e_ceeds USD 5,000. And there has beena heavy demand for our t-shirt and our factory is fully committed right now.

Therefore, at the most competitive price we offer, we hope to receive yourreply with

questions if any or an order soon.

Best regards



Dear Johnson,

We are so glad to know you are interested in our product 106.248,106.249,106.250 series and very glad to enter into business relationship withyou.

As Australia is our important strategic market, and in order to help us bothto push sales here, our company prefer to offer you the above "cost" price tohit your target.

Hope so competitive price can help you get your market soon .

By the way, could you pls tell us which color you like most and what kind ofpacking way you prefer?

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Best regards



Dear Edison Bonilla,

How are you? Thanks a lot for your mail and your trust on us.

I noted that you are interested in our products with item BL-88, I think yougot the size and specifications from the details from price of it is enclosed.Please check. As usual,we use the T/T as our minimum order quantity isseparately enclosed our full e-catalogue. Please feel free to ask me,if youhave any more question./I kook forward to hearing from you. / I can sendsamples to you, if you reply to me/I can do for you some special samples, ifyou reply to me /


Star Cheng

Company: Shenzhen Qkie Electronic CO., LTD


Add:5/f,Building A,_i_iang haoye Technology park,Fuyong Town,BaoanDistrict,ShenZhen City,China

Tel: 86-755-2751 2960


Fa_: 86-755-2751 6546




Dear Sir or Madam:

A few months ago we had the opportunity to see a display of your productds atthe Guangzhou International Trade Center ,and we were most impressed by thequaity and low prices.

We should like to offer you our service as a trading firm ,and would mentionthat we are e_perienced importers of our country ,and are enjoying a goodreputation all over the world.

In addition ,we operate our own advertising agency ,and we can use the latestmarketing procedures quite will be sure of your sales if you would allow us topromote sales of your products througout China .

Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

1. we are one of the largest importers of ….in…and shall be pleased toestablish business relations with you.

2. we enclose a copy of our catalogue for your reference and hope that youwould contact us if any item is of interest to you.

3. we ,therfore,take pleasure in informing you that we are an enterprise

manufacturing shirts.开发信

4. the products manufactured here have been proved by a scrupulous test to besound.严格的质检认证

5. Enclosed are a brochure and a copy of our price list to give you a generalidea of our products available.寄手册

6. We are sending you separately our pattern-book with the price list.随函附寄

are confident that you can do some profitable business.相信贵方可以获利。

would like to enter into direct business relations with you on the basis ofequality ,mutual benefit and e_change what one has for what one need.平等互利的基础上

t remember to tell you then Me_ican market is very competitive 市场竞争激烈

10. The designs and colors of all products will almost e_actly match yourneeds询问详细信息


1. We want you pack the tins in cartons ,each containing 12

tins,separated by corrugated paper dividers.

2. We trust that you will give special care to the parking in order to

avoid damage in transit.

3. Each case should be marked with the following: name of the

commodity, quantity, country of origin, etc.

4. We can do e_actly according to your packing instructions. 支付货款

1>Dear Sir or Madam:

We are writing to refer you to our letter dated Jan 11,2004, in which weconfirmed the acceptance of your order NO . that letter,we promised that theshipment would be made by the end of March subject to your L/C reaching hereby the end of January.

However until now we haven’t received your L/ you please promptly instructyour banker to open an irrevocable L/C at sight in our favor without furtherdelay so that we can arrange for prompt shipment?If your L/C cant reach uswithin 10 days ,we are afraid that we may be able to ship the order asinstructed.

We are looking forward to receiving your early reply.

2>Dear Sir or Madam:

I have received your letter to tell you that I have today through the NationalBank established the confirmed,irrevocable Letter of Credit NO.778 in yourfavor for the amount of Euro 62,000 payable by sight draft accompanied by afull set of the shipping documents.


Hi Mike,

Samples received and already passed to vendor. The material was PP, not ABS.Offer sheet is preparing and will be sent to you soon. By the way, rawmaterial increased these days, pls make a decision quickly to go ahead afterprice confirmed. We'll arrange the mass production asap.

Thanks and best regards,


4.开发信RE:the SECRET how to reduce mouse cost


Good Qkie electronic technology Co.,ltd trading here, e_porting MOUSE /KEYBOARD with good quality and low price in US. We are pleased to enclose youour ENTERPRISE CULTURE,pls kindly check. Call me, let's talk details.



Company: Shenzhen Qkie Electronic CO., LTD


Add:5/f,Building A,_i_iang haoye Technology park,Fuyong Town,BaoanDistrict,ShenZhen City,China

Tel: 86-755-2751 2960


Fa_: 86-755-2751 6546









格式:格式一般分为称呼、正文、敬祝语、落款几个部分,语言简洁准确,避免出现语法和拼写的错误。鉴于东西方 文化的差异建议回答卖家问题直截了当,一般疑问句建议先回答yes或者no,然后再补充自己需要说明的。 回盘参考模版




Dear ___,

we have got your order of......

The bag you order is one of the hot items from my store and it is made of highquality leather. But the order seems unpaid. If there's anything I can helpwith the price or size etc.

When the payment is finish, I can stock up the item and get it ready forshipping.

If any further questions, please feel free to contact with us.


Best Regards


Dear ___,

I am very glad to hear from you. The biggest size we have is 39. And thisshoes is little bigger in size. So I think 39 will fit.

If you have any other questions, Please feel free let me know.

We are looking forward to getting your early reply.

Best Regards




Dear Customer,

The item you order is already shipped and the tracking number is _____

The mail status is as follows:


Dispatch from Sorting Center

This is the status of your order. You will get it soon.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

B、 询问是否收到货物

Dear customer,

EMS tracking information(EMS网站查询)

This is the status showing on EMS. Have you already got the items? If you havegot the items, please let me know.


4、 客户投诉产品质量有问题

Dear customer,

I received the boots but I can't sell them because the Gucci bo_ was ripped upif you can't secure the packages better than that then you will not be hearingfrom me again!

Dear friend,

I am very sorry to hear that. The damage must happened during transportation.I usually make sure everything is in good condition before shipping productsout. I make sure giving you more discounts to make up when you buy from mene_t time. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards


Dear customer,

I am very happy to see that you have received the items. Thanks for yoursupport. I hope you satisfy with the item and looking forward to do morebusiness in the future with you.


Best Regards


Thanks for your continuous support to our store, and we are

improving ourselves from service, quality, sourcing and so on.

it would be appreciated if you can leave us a positive feedback ,it's a greatencouragement to us,if there's anything I can help with ,don't hesitate totell me .

Best wishes


Dear ___,

Thanks for your message.

Well, if you buy the 2 items, we can offer you a GBP 0.26 discount. Once weconfirm your payment, we will post the item for you in time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further question.

Thanks & Best regards!


A、推广新产品,采购季节期间根据自己的 经验 ,可给买家推荐自己热销的产品。

Hi there,

As Christmas is coming, we found hair straightened has a large

potential market. Many customers bought them for resale on DHgate or in theirretail store because it's a high profit margin have a wide range of GHD mk4STRAIGHTER products on sell as well. Please click the following link to checkthem out. If you have more than 10 pieces in one order we can help you get awholesale price. Thanks.



We are really sorry that the bag you order is out of stock at the moment. Iwill contact the factory to see when they are going to be available again. Iwould like to recommend you some other pretty bags which have the same style.Hope you like them as well. You can click on the following link to check themout.

If there's anything I can help with, Please feel free to contact .



Hi there,

We already reset the price for you. I give you another 10% discount on top ofthe original shipping price. Because the price we offer is lower than themarket price and as you know the shipping cost is really high, we do not makemuch profit from this product. Hope you are happy with it.

IF any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry, and we really want to do more business with you, andI think it is the best way to place an sample order which is 45 USD shippingincluded, If 100 pieces in one order, we can offer you the bulk price which is39.5 USD/piece. I am looking forward to your reply.


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随着互联网应用的不断深入,电子邮件已经成为人们日常生活中不可或缺的一部分,那么你知道 外贸英语邮件怎么写吗?下面我就和大家分享外贸英语邮件格式,来欣赏一下吧。


Dear purchasing manager,

Hello,this Lily Lee from company,our company is a professional manufacturer with years‘s e we want to avail ourselves of opportunityestablishing business relation with you.

Please link our company web site:………….if you want to know more about our theway,free sample are available.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards!

Company name:






Subject: Ask for your Help

Dear Ms. Schaeffer:

In our continued efforts to provide quality service and merchandise to valuedclients like you, we would like your help in answering the attached survey.

Each year we review our service and merchandise in order to meet our clients'needs. The client survey plays a major role in determining how we improveservices and which line of goods we concentrate sales on ne_t year. Byanswering our survey, you will help us know how to serve you better. Also, asa gesture of our appreciation, we will send you a 10%-off voucher to use onyour ne_t order with us.

Could you please send back the survey with your comments on it before ne_tFriday? We understand you are very busy and appreciate your willingness totake the time to help us serve our clients better. Your comments are highlyvalued. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Sandy Fei

Customer Service Manager


Hi Sir/Madam,

Glad to hear that you’re on the market for furniture,we specialize in thisfield for 14 years,with the strength of ERU&USA ANTIQUE FURNITURE,with goodquality and pretty competitive price.

Also we have our own professional designers to meet any of your requirements.

Should you have any questions,call me,let’s talk details.

Best regards!


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